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By Amanda Fisher - September 11, 2013

I have gone through all the Civic Association Members emails that are on file from years back hoping to reach out to as many residents as possible that live on the following streets:

JARED LANE (Approx. 2600-2800 Blk.)





If you were not able to attend the meeting recently to review the proposed new FEMA flood maps, I urge you to continue reading and view the proposed attached map.  It seems that the new FEMA flood maps will affect the streets listed above. 

If your home was built after 2002 it is very important that you follow through with the comment application process to ensure that your flood zoning is recorded correctly.  If you get a group together and you would like to meet to discuss I will make myself available to assist you through the process.  In addition, I am looking for point persons to reach out to your surrounding neighbors and make them aware and give them the materials needed.  The deadline is 9/27/13.


The process is listed below please note, I have attached a copy of the proposed flood mapping, a blank copy of the Application Information for Comment of Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map Form and a partly completed copy of the Application Information for Comment of Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map Form so you will get an idea of the wording.


The process is as follows:

1)     Print and complete the Application Information for  Comment of Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map


2)     You will need a copy of your property FLOOD ELEVATION CERTIFICATE 


3)     You will need a copy of the proposed mapping.  Click the link, enter your full address and print the map.


4)     Email all 3 documents to: and before the deadline of 9/27/13.


This is the 1st step the next step would be to complete the LOMA online appeal which will NOT be available until the proposed mapping is effective.  I was informed by Michelle Gonzales that if we have a large enough group participate, she would ask FEMA to review our entire neighborhood vs. individual homes. 

If FEMA was to approve the revision of our neighborhood we would not have to complete the LOMA appeal form process as there is a cost associated with the individual process.  If we do not have enough participates and FEMA did not approve a revision of the entire neighborhood, each homeowner would have to complete the online LOMA appeal form process. 

I was informed that the revisions would be on an individual basis. What this means is that if YOU completed the process and YOUR NEIGHBOR did not, your zoning would be correct and your neighbor(s) that did nothing would remain in the proposed mapping.  

Completing this process is a WIN! WIN!

Please note majority of the neighborhood is in the X zone (flood insurance not required) and the new construction homes on the streets listed above are in an AE with a low reported elevation.  By provided FEMA/PARISH with the elevation certificate we are providing them with the documents to make correct our flood zoning.  Some of us may remain in an AE and would more than likely see a drop in our premium and/or we may be changed to an X zone. Personally I have completed the first step and would like to offer my assistance to anyone that may need help. 

Since the deadline is around the corner, I urge you to speak to your neighbors to get the word out. 

If you are interested in meeting please get a group together and let me know when the meeting will take place and I will make myself available.I am hopeful that this info will reach out to as many residents as possible. 

I am going to put a message on the board for affected homeowners to review the BTECA website and/or Facebook.   


Thank you in advance,

Amanda Fisher

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